Monday, December 6, 2010

Happy Chanukah

The holiday of Chanukah can only be celebrated in its fullest in the land where the miracle actually took place.  That of course is in the State of Israel.  As we all know that the calendar in Hebrew is different than the one followed in most of the rest of the world. Chanukah is celebrated the same time every year according to Hebrew calendar that being the 25th day of Kislav. Sometimes it can fall out the same time as  Christmas does, and sometimes like this year it can fall out at the beginning of December. That is when all the stress begins. Families who celebrate Chanukah in the US check their calendars to see if the 2 holidays overlap each other making it easier to plan vacations and family celebrations. Schools and businesses in the states schedule vacation time from the 25th of December thru January 1st. That’s all fine and good when Chanukah falls out in the same period, but what does one do when they don't? Inevitably,  Chanukah  usually  takes a back seat to the other holiday. Even Jewish Day schools find themselves yielding to the holiday week of December 25th through the first of January.

     In Israel that is not the case. The only stress experienced with the timing of the holiday is whether we can find the correct gifts that our children are hoping for. There are no date conflicts, only celebration scheduling conflicts. The local municipalities don't concern themselves , as in the US, with being politically correct as to how much they decorate their public areas. They don't have to divide space between the major holiday of Christmas ,  Chanukah,  and even the new kid on the block , that festive holiday of Kawanza (no, I can't explain exactly what holiday that is). In Israel the lamp posts are decorated only with menorahs and driedles , the Chanuka spinning top. They don't have to count and divide the number of decorations designated for each holiday. In the US  the holiday season is  turned into a legal battle between those who want religious symbols on public grounds and those who believe it to be a civil rights violation if one person out of a million is offended by any show of holiday expression. The term happy and merry is also a problem. The safest term for the season is just "happy Holidays" with the hopes of keeping the lawyers at bay so that everyone can celebrate in their own way.

     Chanukah in Israel is celebrated in a most enjoyable way. The secular and religious alike can enjoy the holiday without any conflict. People from all walks of life, all levels of observance and backgrounds gather around each of the eight nights, lighting the menorah, singing songs, eating potato pancakes and jelly donuts (representing the oil that the holiday is about), spending time with family and friends. They don't have to look over their shoulder to see if they are offending any of their neighbors. Each of the Eight days and nights is another opportunity for celebration. The lighting of the Menorah is meant to show off the miracle of the oil that lasted for eight days after the desecration of the holy temple. What a joy it is to see specially designed Menorahs displayed outside of people's homes for everyone to see and feel a sense of pride in this beautiful holiday tradition. We all know unfortunately this is not the case outside of Israel. In some countries there is even fear in displaying t he lights inside one's home let alone outside where the lights are truly a sight for all. Menorahs on display everywhere, candles flickering in the darkness of the night. As the holiday progresses there aren't any 50%off Christmas cards and decorations, but rather big discounts on menorahs and candles.

     This Chanukah in Israel has been a very difficult one as the State of Israel is experiencing their worst natural disaster in their modern history, the scorching of the Carmel Forrest.  Forty-one lives have been lost in this great tragedy but this great  tiny country(in land mass only) finds the place to both celebrate the Holiday while not forgetting those that have lost  love ones and the  many that have lost their homes and their livelihood. What a moving sight it was to see a member of a secular Kibbutz who was taking up shelter in another Kibbutz lighting the Chanukah Menorah and singing the blessings with other displaced members with a sense of pride and strength in the belief that they will rise above this difficult time in their lives and once again start over and rebuild and be able to celebrate the wonderful holiday of Chanukah with no one overlooking their shoulders whether it is politically correct or not.

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12/5/2010 Chanukah Samayach

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Are You Crazy

Who in their right mind could ever conceive of the Jewish holy city of Jerusalem being chopped up and splintered into sections, in order to appease the most violent and destructive people in the Middle East if not the world. One only has to wonder if this done out of the need to retool  Anti-Semitism  with the ever more popular politically correct display of attacking from all directions until Israel summits and commits national suicide.
When has there been a shared capital in world history. I personally don’t know of any in recent history. The fact that the division of Jerusalem is even on the table has been a major miscalculation by Israeli Governments both from the right and the left. Designating  Jerusalem  as a final status issue has only pushed Israel into a dangerous corner. They have given in on every  other red line and now they are faced with the possibly of losing control of the Holiest site in the world for the Jewish people, and endangering the entire Jewish nation.
The Israelis always showed mixed signals as to whether they truly wanted to control the united city of Jerusalem. The Temple Mount should never have been put under  foreign  Muslim  control. Why for so many years did the Government  of Israel  deny  the rights  of Jewish  People  from ascending to the holiest site on earth, the center of the Jewish spirit, the Temple  Mount  (Har Habayit.)
Only in recent years the Jewish Government of the state of Israel has allowed small Jewish groups to ascend the Temple Mount. They are forbidden from moving their lips as to not offend the Muslim  Rulers  of this holiest site for the Jewish People. Jews are escorted by Israeli Police and representatives of the Muslim Rulers. On many occasions Jews are forcefully removed because there was a possibility that a Jewish verse was being recited. Imagine that! A Jewish prayer uttered on the Temple Mount is not permitted by a Jewish Government of the Jewish state of Israel. Perhaps if the government would act as though we are a Jewish  Democracy  and allow for equal religious freedom between the Jews and the Muslims then other nations would recognize Israel as a Jewish state. By denying Jews their religious rights ,  Israel is presenting itself as  a nation that is not totally convinced that it is a Jewish State.
The Muslims on the other hand have much more access to the Temple Mount. They pray! They pray! They pray! And   they pray some more on the Jewish Temple Mount. They even managed to name a terrorist organization after one of the Mosques, “Al Askba Brigade. They are responsible for the slaughter of hundreds of Jews and the injuring of several thousand others in homicide bombing attacks across  Israel. How is this possible?
The time has arrived for the State of Israel, world Jewish Leaders, and Jewish people from around the world to take a stand. We must stand up to the unrelenting pressures that are being applied on our Jewish nation from our friends the US, the EU, and let’s face it the entire world. Jerusalem represents the heart and soul of the Jewish people. The temple Mount is the center of Jerusalem. How can our Jewish future survive if we cut out our heart and serve it up to our sworn enemies after waiting over 2000 years to have capital of the Jerusalem back in our hands. What are we  as Jews not standing  up and screaming “Never Again”. Never again divided Jerusalem, Never again having our heart ripped from our souls.
Jerusalem is what makes Israel the special place it truly is. Jerusalem is represented by the lion, a source of strength and protection. The united city of Jerusalem is the protector of Jews around the world.
As we are so tolerant of other religions in the region, the time has come for the other side to show some tolerance. Jewish people must have better access to the Temple Mount. We should not be treated as guests while the Muslims are free to pray , incite, throw stones, riot, and enjoy whatever other freedoms they have been granted by the tolerant and accepting Israeli government.
Don’t the Jews deserve religious in their own home land? Why are the Muslims permitted to pray more freely than the Jews? The Israeli government needs to stop begging the enemy to recognize Israel as a Jewish state. This must be demonstrated by facts on the ground. Nothing would designate Israel more as a Jewish state than large crowds of Jews ascending  up to the Temple Mount , Har Habayit, and showing the world where the heart and soul of the Jewish people resides.
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Wednesday, November 3, 2010


     After all the years of calling the "Right Wing" war mongers, murderers, nazis, occupiers and the likes,it seems to the wise that it's the radical left that is doing more to endanger our lives and destroy all that has been achieved in the free world and the great empire of the 20th century, The United States of America.

     Over the years while moral nations from around the world including Britain and the US were protecting Democracies or countries whose citizen choose not to live under Fascist or communist regimes. There have always been groups of Radical Left professors, media personal authors and far left politicians always there to throw up the opposition toward any war or military confrontations even if its for the benefit of the poor, persecuted, murdered, tortured and raped. It is true that there have been wars that weren't always conducted for the best of reasons with the best results due to miscalculations and bad inelegance reports. Almost all of the time military confrontations are chosen when there isn't any reasoning with enemy.

     During the "New Era" of military confrontation, we a facing world wide terrorism that can be activated from many different locations from around the world. The radical left including the president of the US believes that talking or begging or even groveling is the way to bring world peace and Kumbaya and all the utopian B. S.

     The far left has learned from radical Islam that "patience is a Virtue".The Islamists have been planning their assault across the European Continent for close to 2 generations, and the radical left has slowly moved their radical agenda slowly through society using our Democratic rights and freedoms to further their beliefs.

     The State of Israel is far from being immune to this phenomenon. The military has been fighting since the creation of the state in order to protect it's citizens. Surrounded by many Arab nations, they have been successful in protecting their borders and citizens. Now they are fighting the terrorist war that has replaced war between countries. The radical left within its borders have always sought to protect the terrorists and their families, while disregarding the fact that their support help breed the terrorists that kill Jews at any chance that they get.

     The radical left has chosen to join forces with the other radical groups in order to bring down the successful, the proud, the leaders, the defenders and of course let us not forget the Zionist Empire, and replace it with the radical, uncivilized, violent, murderers and rapists and terrorists that are threatening the world as we know it.
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Monday, October 4, 2010

Gifts From Obama

   Why is president Obama offering gifts to Israel at this time in exchange for another one time only 60 day building freeze in Judea and Samaria? It is perhaps because Obama and the Democrats are looking at huge loses in the November mid term elections? Is Obama looking for some sort of victory in the arena of foreign policy focusing on the Middle East where he has failed time and time again?

   It seems that the only country that Obama can push around or at least try to is Israel. He has continually slammed Israel for building in Judea and Samaria and even posts 1967 Jerusalem and has called for a building freeze which he succeeded in securing from the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu. Netanyahu agreed to a 10 month building freeze in Judea and Samaria. It took 9 months of begging by the U.S. administration to get the Palestinians lead by Mr. Abbas and the Arab League to agree finally, to face to face negotiations with the Israelis. We are now learning that despite the proclamations from the happy smiling George Mitchell, that not much had been accomplished during their highly secretive meetings which are becoming less secretive now that they are on hold. Abbas only wanted to discuss final borders where Has Netanyahu was more interested in security arrangements.

   Obama now needs to save face therefore the pressure is on. First on Obama to show progress in the negotiations between Israel and Palestinians, on Israel to renew the building freeze so that the Palestinians who are being pressured by terrorist organizations such as Hamas, and their sponsors such countries like Syria and Iran won't walk away from the negotiating table.

   The only problem is that once again it will be Israel that will succumb to the pressure if they renew the construction freeze. What is Israel getting in return? Their citizens whom have already been left out of their homes, schools, Synagogues and community centers, are now staring out another possible building freeze. These citizens also include many who became refugees after physically being removed from there homes in Gaza to make room for a terrorist state known as Hamastan. Israel has yet to receive anything in return for their overtures toward Obama and the Palestinians. Of course they did receive massive shelling and rocket fire from Gaza as a thank you for evacuating the area, from those same terrorists who are strangling and oppressing the people of Gaza the Hamas regime.

   This time Obama is ready to deliver the goods. A promissory note, sort of, a letter of intent kind of, an understanding is exactly sure what exactly is being offered because of course everything is so secretive. Some of the points mentioned are as follows: An agreement between Obama and Israel that there will be Israeli troops stationed in the Jordan Valley. This is a very vague declaration. Does it mean that it is already assumed that Israel will give away the Jordan Valley a strategic area vital for the defense of Israel's citizens? Will they be stationed there by themselves or will they be part of a multi national force? Will they be able to operate freely or will they be handcuffed by other forces when they are fighting terrorists and forces trying to infiltrate Israel's new more dangerous borders? We now from experience that this is bound to happen. Confrontations have accord after every agreement with the Palestinians. And last but not least we all realize that there is no chance in h--l that Palestinian is ever going to agree to Israel stationing troops in the Jordan Valley as they have expressed that over and over again.

   There is also the commitment to veto any unilateral Palestinian initiative in the U.N. As America’s most important ally in the Middle East if not the world, it goes without saying that the U.S. should watch Israel’s back in the U.N. This just comes to show the lack of desire on the part of Obama to appreciate the special relationship between the U.S. and Israel and the little importance he feels in regard to being there for Israel in the cesspool and stench that is otherwise known as the U.N. Thanks for nothing Mr. Obama.

   There are also some promises of military superiority over the Arab states. This comes after a record arms agreement that was just concluded with the Saudi Arabians. There is also talk of“regional security architecture” between the Arab states and Israel, what ever that means. There has always been an understanding between Israel and the U.S. that the Americans would always maintain military superiority, nothing new there. And the chances of regional military cooperation with the Arab states are truly a non starter.

   When all is said and done, Obama is once again showing his true naivety in the sphere of foreign policy and his lack of leadership. Or is it just perhaps that his true colors and stripes are starting to become clear. He wants to appease the Arab world and bring them closer to the White House while pushing Israel further and further away.

   There are other more enticing promises that could be presented to Israel that could open some eyes, though there hardly a chance that they would be forthcoming. IRAN, IRAN, IRAN! It hasn’t been more than a couple of weeks that the president of Iran spoke at the U.N. about the need for Israel to be removed from the Middle East.  Iran is getting its nuclear arsenal ready for this very possibility. Where are Obama’s and the rest of the world’s concerns about that likelihood? Where are guarantees from Obama, if not to attack Iran, then providing the necessary military support to Israel so that they may protect themselves from being annihilated? Of course this is not on Obama’s agenda. Neither is reigning in the terrorist regime Hamas, whom surely by most accounts is far larger an impediment to peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians, than the building of a few houses so people can go on living their normal lives.

   Obama’s promises don’t bring anything new to the table that isn’t already understood by most American citizens that show their support and have a strong mutual bond with the only trustworthy and democratic country in the Middle East, Israel.

   Oh, and by the way Mr. Obama, good luck on the mid term elections; you are going to need it.

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

No extension to settlement freeze

   First and foremost this is an incorrect term. It should be changed to resumption of construction in Judea and Samaria. These are not settlements. They are towns, cities and neighborhoods, places where people live work and raise their families just like any other group of people around the world. The huge mistake by the Israeli government was calling the areas of Judea and Samaria settlements , territories and the West bank.We can start a new P.R. initiative by referring to them by their rightful name.

  Let's look at the core issue of the building freeze. In exchange for Netanyahu's call for a 10 month freeze, Israel was supposed to receive something in return from either the Palestinians or the Arab world. Whether it was allowance of air travel over Arab space or recognition of Israel as a Jewish state or the end to incitement by the Palestinians,  something was to be received by the Israelis. What did Israel receive "zero" a big fat zero at that.

   Now everyone is questioning whether Netanyahu is really determined to reach an agreement with the Palestinians. Netanyahu's integrity is on the line here .Everyone around the world has been doubting his  honesty in declaring that he wishes to reach an agreement with the Palestinians. They don't believe that he is being sincere.They say that he his just paying lip service to the U.S. and the Palestinians. Why can't people accept his words as being genuine? He has come out for a 2 state solution. He has called Judea and Samaria the West Bank which is in conflict with his platform and that of the Likud party. He has called Abbas his partner for peace on several occasions. It order for these comments to be considered honest statements he has no choice but to end the building freeze.When he initiated the freeze they were for a period of 10 months. The 10 months have now expired. If he is to be considered a man of his word he has to return to the status quo of the previous governments led by Prime Ministers including Rabin , Barak, and Olmert, that issued permits and allowed for natural growth in towns and cities in Judea and Samaria. If he doesn't keep his word, he will be no better than those people with whom he is negotiating with at keeping their word and we know how well they keep their promises and honor their agreements.

  Now let's focus on the reaction of the world toward the end of the freeze. First, our partner for peace non other than Abbas, states that Israel has to choose between peace or the settlements. What exactly does this mean? Abbas  waited until the ninth month of the freeze before pressure even from the Arab league forced him to sit down for face to face negotiations. Obviously he had no intentions of sitting down with Netanyahu.He was forced against his will by countries that financially support his Palestinian Authority. Without the flow of unconditional money and hand outs  from the E. U., The Arab League and even the U.S. he would not be able to make payroll even for one month. So much for striving to be an "independent
. state". Can Abbas honestly believe that areas that are currently built up into cities and large towns located in Judea and Samaria and post 1967 Jerusalem will be handed over to him in any agreement that may be reached between Israel and the Palestinians? He is being quite delusional if he thinks that will happen. It is time for a realty check for Abbas, deciding whether he is willing to choose peace with Israel. Israel has shown their attentions over and over again by the many concessions they have offered the Palestinians.

  We also heard from Peace Now. Their position is that if Israel resumes construction Jewish blood will be spilled. Can you imagine that a whopping 30 activists protested the resumption of construction? how is it that when Israel builds there is bloodshed. Israel gave away Gush Katif and that didn't stop the bloodshed. Four people were murdered a few weeks ago outside of Hebron and there have been several other attacks during the freeze so that logic doesn't really hold water. The fact is  Peace Now is an organization that is just trying to hold on. It is largely funded by far left wing supporters from Europe and the U.S. and it has a declining membership where it really counts, in Israel. I think all of them were present at the demonstration in front of the Prime Minister's residence. We also heard from the Human Rights Watch, President Obama, the E. U., the State Department, Hilary Clinton, British Secretary, William Hague, French President Sarcozy, U.N. secretary general ,Ban Ki-moon.So much for all the even handedness across the world in these life and death negotiations for the people of Israel. It is also very important to point out that Netanyahu who is negotiating on behalf of the citizens of Israel, has to stand his ground on this issue of the freeze. It is just the beginning of the negotiations. This was a unilateral decision by Netanyahu to implement the freeze. There are going to be many contentious issues that will come up if the negotiations continue. Israel will be forced to give in to the Palestinians over and over again. He must stand firm on the red lines that will arise and not feel pressured every time that the Palestinians and the world of public opinion is in disagreement with the Israeli position which of course is basically all the time except of course when there is the murder of Jews and Israelis by Israel's partners for peace.

   There are some positive news to point out. Some projects have begun again in Judea and Samaria. Though it is the holiday of Succoth and most construction won't fully begin until after the holiday .A nursery school in Kiryat Netafim poured its foundation, homes began construction in Tekoa, work began on 50 homes in Ariel some of which will be occupied by Jewish refugees from Gush Katif. The citizens of Judea and Samaria are cautiously optimistic that more construction will resume and permits will be issued. There isn't a feeling of euphoria in these areas now that the freeze is over and fear is that new permitting may not arrive anytime  soon.

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Chag Samayach

Monday, September 27, 2010


   To all those who believe that Bill Clinton was and is a staunch supporter of Israel , please read the following headline."Russian Immigrants are an obstacle to peace'.Bill Clinton, while speaking at his Global Initiative event, told reporters that Russian speaking soldiers will not clash with settlers when they are called upon to evacuate citizens living in Judea and Samaria in order to secure a peace agreement with the Palestinians.Not only did he criticize the children of Russian Olim but he also condemned the children of settlers as well.he called both groups the hardest core people against a division of the land. For such a liberal individual and a strong supporter of human rights , this labeling of certain groups of Israeli citizens surely constitutes a major form of racism and discrimination against the Israeli people.

   Clinton reminisced about a conversation with the highly respected figure head and the first Russian political party, Natan Sharansky. Sharansky did not support the peace deal that Clinton tried to ram down Israel's throat during the 2000 camp David negotiations. Time was quickly running out Clinton's time in office. This was after he lied under oath about the Monica lewinsky scandal. It order to preserve some dignity and respect as he was leaving office, Clinton tried to push then Prime Minister Ehud Barack into a deal that would have greatly diminished Israel's size and security. Arafat walked away from the deal that was offered by Barak and Clinton, and we all know the results of those collapsed talks.
The peace loving Palestinians with Arafat at the helm unleashed the worst wave of terrorist attacks since the inception of the state of Israel. It is also important to remember that Clinton was a staunch supporter of Yasser Arafat and that Arafat was the most often received guest of the Clinton White House during his 8 years in office as President of the United States.

   According to Mr. Clinton, Sharansky told Clinton that he could not support the Camp David proposals because he is Russian and that he comes from one of the biggest countries in the world to one that is the smallest ." You want me to cut in half, no thank you".Oh by the way, is it possible that Clinton actually lied about this conversation?Sharansky denied having this conversation with Clinton. He said that he wasn't even present at those meetings.Now one has a choice here. Either believe an honest highly respected person who has a deep love for the state of Israel and the Jewish people in general or Bill Clinton a notorious distorter of the truth as has been proven over and over again.

   To all of us both in Israel and the U.S. who remember the beautiful slogan coined by Clinton "Shalom Chaver", Goodbye my Friend in reference to Yitzhak Rabin after his assassination, should take notice by his current racist condemnation of a large portion of the Israeli population and the staunchest Zionists in Israel.

  With friends like that who needs enemies.
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  09/26/10  #8
  Moadim Besimcha

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The joy of celebrating the Holiday of Succoth in Israel

   One of the many great pleasures that come with living in Israel is the joy of celebrating the Holidays.
Celebrating the holiday of Rosh Hashanah which this year due to the fact that it was on Thursday and Friday turned into a three day holiday, was then followed by Yom Kippur. In Israel like no other country in the world the clocks are turned back one hour the Sunday morning before Yom Kippur so that the fast can end an hour earlier. True, it is still a 25 hour fast but we all realize that the day of the fast is always the hardest part, we here in Israel get to end a hour earlier. There is a huge controversy because this policy and the debate goes on each year as to whether this is the right thing to do .

   We are then treated to the beautiful holiday of Succoth. This holiday consists of one day at the beginning , followed by 5 intermediate days and then one more holiday at the end, unlike in the Diaspora where there is 2 days at the beginning and two days at the end. That creates some great hardships for the chefs and homemakers of the world that have to prepare food for 2 consecutive three day eating and feasting marathons.

   Besides all the food prep that is required, there is also the building of the Succoth and the purchasing of the four species that are used during the holiday. In Israel it is quite a joy shopping for the 4 species. Each city and town across the country , has open markets set up with many vendors displaying their goods. Not only are the species available for sale but so are everything needed for the actual Succoth. That is the huts that the Jewish people sit in during the holiday. They are temporary structures that have between three and four walls and are covered with branches or bamboo stalks or any type of foliage that grows from the ground but is no longer attached to the ground. It is reminiscent of the times in Jewish history when Jewish people would make their way up to Jerusalem from across the country to celebrate the holiday. I myself personally purchased new temporary walls for my Succoth and some new decorations for my children to hang. It was a very enjoyable experience that one can only enjoy in such a festive manner while living in Israel. I also purchased my four species at a temporary store set up  just for that purpose and is open just for a few days. Now we all know  of those temporary stores that are set up in neighborhoods across America. They are usually selling anything from fireworks for the Fourth of July to Halloween costumes to even dare I might say X-mas trees and decorations. It sure beats running over to the synagogue the last minute and picking out an over priced non impressive set of 4 species, that really lacks any pleasure or enjoyment.

   I would like to invite all of you to come to Israel. Join in the festivities of the Jewish Holidays where people both secular and religious  young and old truly enjoy the holiday spirit, People aren't trying to figure out how they are going to take off from work, who will cover for them  and how many vacation days they will have to use. In Israel everyone gets to celebrate the holidays to their fullest without any of those concerns that one may have the outside of Israel. It is all waiting for you and don't forget "we"ll leave a light on for you.

Dedicated to my friend Martin and family who loves getting into the holiday spirit.

Chag Samayach
A View from Jon's Place 09/22/10  #7

Shocking news from the middle east

   There are 2 very shocking news articles that you won't hear from those who believe that the Palestinians truly ready for peace with Israel. One will understand after reading these two articles that there are great reservations about seeking peace with a group of people who don't have the ability to treat their own citizens with any regard to human rights or the pursuit of a normal way of life.
  The first article speaks about life in the Hamas controlled Gaza Strip. About 25 men entered the Crazy water Park, Yes a water park . It is amazing that such places exist for such a poor, neglected and besieged
people in a place like Gaza. It is an entertainment complex complete with restaurants banquet halls and meeting places. The popular attraction was set ablaze and 2 major buildings, a Bedouin tent , and 300 nargillas, (water pipes that were smuggled into Gaza for humanitarian purposes)were destroyed.

   Hamas the rulers of Gaza , shut down the complex  a couple of weeks earlier for a period of three weeks because they claim that the water park didn't have proper licensing. Around a month ago the place was raided and dozens of men and women were expelled from the premises because of all reasons they were sitting together during a break the fast meal during Ramadan. Hamas was also very upset because woman in that location were also spotted smoking nargillas which is against the law in the human rights stronghold of Hamas controlled Gaza. Also another restaurant ,Sama seaside resort was also shut down for the same reason. Believe it or not another restaurant in the Beach Hotel was also shut down and the Assel Horse Club was also closed for licensing issues. Seems to be a lot of restaurants and entertainment complexes in this area. It this the same Gaza that everyone is trying to rescue from their siege? Sounds like a nice place for a quick getaway if you can handle the fun loving guys from Hamas.

   It is time now to check in with the current peace seeking Palestinians of the PA. The statement reads "death penalty for land sales to Israelis. That's right you heard or read me correctly. "Death Sentence"!
Palestinian Prosecutor - General Ahmed al-Mughni appealed an earlier ruling that a land sale to an Israeli or a Jew was a minor offense. His appeal to a higher court stated that selling land to an Israeli is a major offense punishable by death. Is appeal was accepted. this appeal was a reminder to all Palestinians that sale of land to a Jew is Punishable by death. just think what kind of effect that will have on the property prices. Perhaps there will be a real estate bubble in those areas where Jews were buying up land owned by Palestinians. That may seem funny for a little bit but really these are th same Palestinians that Israel is holding secret negotiations with. (see previous blog).

  Now that we have covered some of the real stories about the peace loving people that are under siege and are being deprived by the Israelis of their basic human rights, it is time to realize that the world should start getting more informed about who is denying who their rights and what kind of people kill someone for a land sale. These are the facts .These are the same people that the world including Mr. Obama are asking Israel to give away large portions of their defensible borders and security rights all for the sake of a great acomplishment and White House lawn signings. The risks are all on Israel's shoulders and the lives of their citizens are always in danger even if they don't want to buy some Palestinian property or swim in a beautiful water park .

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Secrets, Secrets, Secrets.........

   What is so secretive about the current Israeli -Palestinian talks? Why is everybody so mum about the contents of the negotiations? Isn't a beautiful thing to watch George Mitchell's smiling ,grinning face as he pronounces how wonderfully everything is going between the two parties? I don't know about you but I don't trust George Mitchell and I don't feel good about negotiating Israel's future in secrecy.

   Weren't the Oslo negotiations conducted in secrecy, almost to the point that they were illegal according to Israeli law?The PLO was considered a terrorist organization that officials from the Israeli government were forbidding to have any contact with. We only learned about the results of the negotiations after everything was agreed upon.Most Israelis realized after the completion of the accords , that Israel was ready to give away large tracts of Judea and Samaria to a terrorist organization that was sworn to the elimination of the state of Israel. The agreements brought about the massacre and slaughter of many Israelis. Israel was unable to enter large cities in theses areas , where Arafat and his fellow terrorist brothers and sisters were planning more attacks on Israel in order to kill as many people as possible. The intelligence network that was developed by Israel over many years was no longer effective in battling the PLO and other terrorist groups that originated in these areas.

   Should the future of the Jewish state be decided in secret meetings with the Palestinians , not even a unified Palestinian voice (Hamas has its own terrorist state in Gaza and is not involved in the talks) , that is still more concerned with the destruction of Israel rather than making peace? Secrecy allows them to say one thing to one group and completely different things to others.

   Then of course we have President Obama and the American team, who constantly claim to be an honest broker, and continue to state that the two parties have to work out their differences between themselves.This is somewhat confusing even to the not so knowledgeable person, when the American team including Obama and Clinton keep encouraging a continuation of the building freeze even though it was agreed to be a one time 10 month freeze. so much for being an honest broker.Who knows what else they are pushing for secretly, 1967 borders, division of Jerusalem and even the right of return for millions of Arabs to the tiny state of Israel.
 Shush... shush... shush... that remains a secret.

   That leaves us with the Israeli negotiating team. Prime Minister Netanyahu and his mostly right wing coalition were voted into power on the platform of a safe and secure Israel with defensible borders and the right to exist as a Jewish nation. Netanyahu has called for a 2 state solution and is considering giving away large portions of Judea and Samaria and even some sort of division of Jerusalem , the eternal Jewish capital. This doesn't fall in line with his own Likud party and definitely not with the more right wing members of his coalition, and the public that democratically voted for him.

   The Palestinians are the only ones who get to benefit from the secret negotiations.They really have nothing to worry  about. They have conceded nothing since the dreadful Oslo accords up until the current secret negotiations and every agreement in between.

   The people of Israel have a right to know what is being negotiated away by their elected officials especially when their mandate is for a safe and secure Israel. Caving in to pressures from The Americans and threats by the Palestinians to leave the talks when things are going their way is not inline with the majority of the citizens of Israel.
  Secret Negotiations are appropriate at times, such as business negotiations and other agreements that are not so life threatening. In the case of the future if the state of Israel and the lives of its citizens, the more the public is aware of the more they can decide whether to support the talks or not. We all have seen in the past that these sorts of discussions in secrecy have not boded well for Israel and there is no reason to believe that this time the results will be any better. We are not talking about a business or a large real estate transaction. This future of the state of Israel and of the Jewish people are a stake here and the more that we are informed of the better.

A view from Jon's Place
Jon  09/18/10
 37th anniversary of the Yom Kippur War

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Let the Games Begin

  Now that the opening ceremony of the direct talk games in Washington has passed, it is time to move on to the talks themselves. Who are the favorites in the events. Will it be the veteran terrorist , Holocaust denier, not fully the legitimate leader of the Palestinian people, or will it be the sometimes right wing sometimes centrist leader of the state of Israel .
   Mr. Abbas is already is preparing to forfeit the games before they even get started just like an Iranian Wrestler or Taikwando specialist.If all of his pre-conditions are not meet,he intends on taking his ball and going home to brute like a child. Prime minister Netanyahu on the other hand is trying to find a way to coax Abbas to stay and play because he doesn't want Principal Obama  to scold him for not playing well  with others.

   What is the point in holding these games if the tip-off is in jeopardy and the flame that is supposed to last a year is already starting to flicker and one strong wind will surely blow it out before it has a chance to fully illuminate. We the fans sitting in the stands and watching from home are wondering why these games are being played at all.

  The sole reason for these games it seems , is that Mr. Obama  needs some kind of diplomatic accomplishment in the foreign area to compensate for all his domestic failures and his sagging ratings.Is there rally anyone out there even the most optimistic handicappers and fans of such games that believe they will lead to a miraculous conclusion? The midterm elections are quickly approaching  and it doesn't look very promising for Obama's party. Healthcare reform, high unemployment, housing woes and illegal immigration. these issues are very problematic for Obama and his party .Shifting the playing field to the most exciting stadium in the world to the middle east may be just the venue that can uplift him.

   The problem for Obama is that the players aren't ready to play. If Israel has to spot the Palestinians twenty points in a twenty one point game in order to get the games started, what kind of legitimate results can the rest of us expect. Negotiations just like games has to have to teams and an umpire or referee to control the flow. One side is usually the favorite and the other the underdog but the game has to begin at 0-0, as in no preconditions. When preconditions are constantly being required then one side is looking for an advantage and chances for success are minimal.The fans aren't going to show up to the games and interest will be lost by all.

   Mr. Abbas has to realize that he is not negotiating from a position of strength and has many obstacles in delivering  his own Palestinian people. They are not unified as a people and many still wish for the destruction of Israel, including Hamas in Gaza and terrorist groups  within the Palestinian Authority.He is unable to field a full team of willing players. Netanyahu on the other hand has support from the majority if not all of the citizens of Israel who truly want a peace agreement but not at any cost.They are not willing to spot the Palestinians twenty points with the hopes that they can catch up to 20 -20 before an agreement can be reached.

   Israelis realize that they are not the underdog. They have more to lose than to gain. The Palestinians on the other hand have so much to gain from peace with Israel, that they need to realize that they are not going to receive all the preconditions they demand and will not be spotted 20 points in a 21 point game.

A view from Jon's Place
Jon   #4 09/14/10

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Celebrating the New Year Israeli Style

The streets are packed. Gifts displayed on sidewalks for sale, supermarkets filled with customers buying their holiday goods. There isn't a person  in Israel that doesn't know that the Jewish new year is upon us.Be it Jew,  Muslim,Thai or African, the whole country is celebrating. O. K. maybe not the Muslims.

Unlike in the Diaspora, the merry go round stops in Israel during this holiday . People don't ask how the stock market is doing, what sports teams won or lost last night. People are just happy to celebrate bringing in a new year with family and friends. Both Religious and non religious find their special way to start the new year.

This would be a great time of year for the world to experience the true Israeli experience A country so warm so happy so proud while sharing new year's greetings with one another. They aren't waiting for the big ball to drop in Times Square. They aren't partying til the wee hours of the morning. They don"t have a list of New Year's resolutions that most if not all will go unfulfilled.

This is a true celebration. Joining others in synagogue in prayer, asking forgiveness from one another for any harm they have caused, however trivial.And one must not forget the endless flow of delicacies that are shared and consumed at beautifully decorated tables.

People are grateful for what they have. They realize the challenges that face them but for a couple of days they enjoy life, their country and their people. It all comes together this holiday.

The people of Israel also realize that in all the celebrations there is time to reflect on some of the most pressing issues that face them as a nation .Posters of Gilad Schalit are present everywhere, on buses street corners and bumper stickers.. People are yearning for the return of their kidnapped son who has been in captivity for several years now. the Iranian threat looms large before them and questions about the resumption of the peace process is also on the radar. Israelis don't obsess about these issues but rather reflect on all the positive things they have accomplished from year to year and turn their sites to the upcoming year with hopes and desire that it will bring more positive experiences than negative ones.

The world should take notice of all the positives that this great tiny nation has to offer and the way its citizens live their lives. Israel is truly a light unto others. If others would just open their eyes and let all the light shine in.

This view from Jon's Place is dedicate to my friend Martin & family looking for a positive message for the new year.

a view from Jon's Place 09/12/10 #3

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Flotilla vs. The murders outside Hebron

As we all know the blood of Jewish people is definitely not as important as terrorists or those strongly affiliated with terorists.When a shipload of terrorists, disguised as human rights activist tries to break a wartime blockade against a sworn enemies of the state of Israel,then attacks, maims and attempts to murder Israeli soldiers , they are supported by the U.N. and most nations from around the world. When Israeli soldiers respond to the attacks in an act of self defense nine members of this terrorist group are killed. Shortly thereafter the countries of the world and the U.N. are quick to condemn Israel. Investigations are demanded special inquires are set up by the U.N.,Turkey conducts their own investigation, and even Israel that absolutely acted in self defense is also forced to conduct their own investigation.

last week there was a preplanned premeditated terrorist ambush of four Jewish people, including a pregnant woman, that were driving back to their home from Jerusalem. When their vehicle approached a road near Hebron, They were assassinated in cold blood by a group of terrorists that are still free and celebrating their accomplishment. Why were they murdered? What act did they commit that brought upon them such a brutal and savage attack by the terrorists? They were Jews and therefore they deserved to be killed.

Does anyone in their right mind believe that those on the ship who's sole intention was to cause harm to the Israeli soldiers with metal bars heavy bats ,swords and guns have more human rights than those of the four innocent Jews who were returning home from Jerusalem? Of course they don't. Where is the U.N.? where are all the countries of the world that was so quick to condemn Israel and demand answers? When videos of the attacks were broadcast around the world showing what had transpired, it was evident to all that this was not a human rights mission to Gaza but rather a preplanned attack against Israel.

One has no other choice but to realize that the spilling of Jewish blood is much more acceptable to the world community especially the U.N., than the lives of terrorist affiliated thugs. This is nothing new . Israel is always on the defensive when it is called upon itself to protect its citizens from harms way. There is no outrage or inquires or commissions or Goldstone reports when Jews and Israelis are murdered in cold blood. How many times has there been an investigation into numerous attacks against Israeli citizens and Jewish targets around the globe? I don't seem to remember any.

There were investigations against Israeli troops accused of a massacre in Jenin. Of course it was a false accusation. The shooting of the young boy in his fathers grasp in Gaza by Israeli soldiers during the second Intifada also proven to be a liable act of the french media. Where was the investigation when a baby girl was shot dead by sniper fire in Hebron? There wasn't any.Was the baby a threat to anyone? when rockets are fired from Gaza into the Southern cities of Israel on a regular basis even to this day are there any investigations? No of course not. When an Israeli officer is killed by a Lebanese Soldier while on Israel's side of the border without provocation there is no investigation.

Are we suppose to believe that Israel is just being paranoid that everyone is just picking on them, or are the double standards just blatantly obvious.We don't have any investigations into civilian deaths in Iraq or Afghanistan. It is just considered collateral damage during wartime while fighting ones enemies.The truth is Israel will never win the battle for the right to defend its citizens and country as long as there is a double standard when it comes to spilling of Jewish blood vs. that of anyone else.
A view from Jon's Place
Shana tova,

Jon #2 09/08/10

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Time for our own boycott

Let's boycott all those great artists that feel the need to boycott Israel. Starting with Santana, Elvis Costello. He never should have used the king's name in vain.

Let's boycott Volvo ,Saab [may still be part of Ford Motor] , Ikea and Swedish Meatballs.

Let's boycott pistachio nuts , the really good ones. They come from Iran you know..Lets eat only California Pistachios even if they are not as good.

Let's boycott Israeli artists Amos Oz and David Grossman, Leaders of the boycott of Ariel theater because they don't like the part of Israel in which it is located.

Let's Boycott Pepsi Cola. They boycotted Israel for the longest time until the Arab boycott was lifted. Coke taste better anyway.

Let's boycott Palestinians because their Infamous leader Abbas loves to boycott Israeli products that come from parts of Israel that he thinks should be his.

Let's boycott "Sex In The City". It's a pretty good show but Cynthia Nixon supports the boycotters of the Ariel theater. She is the least appealing woman on the show anyway.

Here come the Sweedes again. Port workers refuse to unload Israeli ships. Why don't we just boycott everything Sweedish. There are so many Sweedish boycotts of Israel that it is easier to just burn the meatballs with furniture from Ikea and ship it to the ports of Sweeden where they won't unload it.

Let's boycott The South African Municipal Workers Union. Who cares about South Africa anyway.Let's not waste anytime with that country. Though I hear that it is quit beautiful but don't go out there at night if you wish to boycott another day.

Let's boycott The NorwegianTrade Union Federation. What is Norway famous for anyway? Kippers[small little fish] and of course that wonderful peace agreement called "The Oslo Accords", something they all can be proud of.

Let's boycott the Chilean Parliment for boycotting products from areas of Israel they do not approve of . Chile , What are they famous for? Some kind of seabass, I think.

Let's boycott Netura Karta They stand by the holocaust denier from Iran and love to burn Israeli flags and wave Palestinian ones.They probably smell so bad anyway since they don't bathe or change thier circus suits very often.

Let's boycott Desmond Tutu who supports grocery chain's boycott of Israeli products. It's good to know what Noble Peace prize winners do with thier time. Don't forget that Yaaser Arafat was a Noble Peace prize winner as well.

Let's boycott Proffesor Neve Gordon. He is employed by Ben Gurion University In Be'er Sheva and is paid with state funding. He calls for sanctions and divestment against the very hand that feeds him, Israel.Personally there weren't many proffessors that I liked in college anyway.Perhaps if the sanctions kick in Mr. Gordon can work in the gaza strip for one of Hamas' higher institutes for Islamic bomb and rocket developement.

Let's boycott Meg Ryan, Dustin Hoffman and the Dixie Chics or Pixie Sticks all who have signed on in support of an Israeli boycott. Who cares about them anyway.

There arer the bands,Klaxons and the Gorillaz Sound System. It is probably a priviige to be boycotted by bands with such names. They sound like they were mutated from a nuclear fall out from the old Soviet Union.

How about Naomi Klien. She is some kind of Canadian author. I don't know who she is but it is always correct to boycott jews who boycott Israel.

Last but not least let's boycott Turkey . Of course not those pretty birds that we love to devaour. It would be a much better Thanksgiving this year if would boycott turkeys and devaour Turkey instead.

View from Jon's Place #1 09/07/10