Thursday, March 3, 2011

Isn't It Ironic

    Isn't it ironic that the UN now has to deal with real problems in the Middle East? Just a short period of time after the UN Security Council overwhelmingly voted to condemn Israel once again, and only thanks to a remorseful US veto with apologies, the resolution did not pass. Now this scam of a world body has to deal with Human Rights Violations all across the Middle East especially in Libya .The death toll keeps rising into the thousands and there is a threat of biological attacks against their very own citizens by none other then that human rights champion ,Kadafi. The great leader of the Libyan nation that has been sitting on the UN human rights council and very helpful in bringing anti Israel hatred to that body.

   Soon the entire Middle Eastern Arab world will be on fire. All the excitement about Egypt is starting to subside as we see countries like Libya with a huge leadership gap starting to turn into another Afghanistan over night. We all know the true reason behind the unrest in the Middle East; it’s the Israeli Palestinian conflict.
If only the Jewish state would just keep denying their citizens, who have lost many close relatives defending their homeland, the right to live in peace and raise their families and work their fields and live the good life  side by side, the way it was before the Oslo Accords . Israel of course is to blame, responsible for all the conflicts in this region and even world wide.

    Wasting precious time condemning Israel all the time masks the true evils around the Middle East. These regimes are at best not gunning down their citizens in the streets, yet they are denying people basic human rights and the ability to feed their family. Being killed for speaking out, or tortured for the sport of it, runs rampant in these countries. But the UN, Obama, the EU, Russia, is constantly pressuring Israel to allow another such state, to exist, right next door. The UN concerns themselves very little about this tiny Jewish State that is sitting in between all of this upheaval where hatred death and destruction toward Israel is part of the rants by the protestors.
         Labeling the settlements illegal only encourages more violent behavior against the US and of course Israel. The leaders of the world are shaking in their boots as the price of oil is starting to boil over. Leaders starting with that magnificent orator in the White House are so confused they don't know which way to turn.
Osama’s engagement policy, constant bashing the State of Israel, glorifying the Muslim world while knocking the legs out of Americas' strong world standing, has caused a domino affect that is spreading throughout the Arab world.

     It is so ironic that just last Friday all members of the Security Council minus the administrations apologetic veto, declared the settlements illegal! Hooray! They did again they condemned Israel.
This is already taken place as Egypt, Yemen Tunisia Algeria and even Iran was starting to heat up. The UN didn't have time to deal with a serious crisis that was threatening the entire Middle East if not the entire world, but they did have time to condemn Israel.
        Statements by the Obama administration, Russia and the circus quartet, i.e. the EU quartet should begin streaming out any time now! The Israelis and the Palestinians need to find a way to negotiate. This is the root of all the problems that are taking part across the Arab world. Israel has to find a way to make it happen. Israel must stop building homes for their young families to move into. There should be no medical facilities for these illegal settlers and of course new schools and places of worship only infuriate the Arabs living on these Jewish lands.

   I know that seems over the top even for me, but just wait a few more days and weeks .Didn't take long for the international media to condemn the Netanyahu government for not being more sympathetic to the Egyptians on the street. It won't be long now: Israel must sit down and negotiate a two state solution ...bla.. bla.bla..... We have heard it all before.

     Luckily, there is a solution to all the upheaval in the Middle East. It seems to always come down the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Let's just have the intelligent world body, the UN, demand that the kingdom of Jordan, hand over land for their occupied Palestinians. The Palestinians can then set up a state living side by side with Israel and of course Jordan. This will finally solve that long overdue misplacement of the Palestinians and reward them the state they truly deserve. There will then be one more Arab state burning up the skies. At least it won't be happening on the on the Jewish Homeland of Judea and Samaria.

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March 1, 2011

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Misguided Euphoria

  Now that euphoria over regime change in Egypt is beginning to subside, it is time for a reality check. The western world seems to think that holding elections are a key to democratic reform and a way to empower the citizens of a previously oppressive country. Time and time again it has been proven that in the middle east , elections don't necessarily bring about positive changes that the population is yearning for.

     We are all aware of elections in the middle east that have not brought about feelings of empowerment for the average person in the street. First, we can look toward Lebanon that is now facing a government that is being controlled by the terrorist group, Hizbullah. Lebanon once considered the Middle East Riviera, is now being lead by none other than the notorious terrorist leader, Hassan Nasrallah. Nasrallah has recently threatened to capture the Galilee region , an undisputed area of northern Israel, from deep beneath the ground in a secure bunker. Democratic leaders don't usually lead and govern while hiding in bunkers last I or anyone else has checked.

     we can look toward the Palestinian area where calls for elections by the Bush #2 administration, has led to Hamas takeover of the Gaza Strip and a strong divide between the Palestinian people and is a major roadblock in trying to broker a peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians. Mahmoud Abbas, the president of the Palestinian Authority is still in office though is term was up in 2009, because there haven't been new elections. Abbas keeps promising or threatening to resign from office , and only reneges to do so due to begging and promises of more financial aid that continues to pad the pockets and Swiss bank accounts of the PA leaders and not assist  the people it's intended for.

     Gaza on the other hand is ruled with an iron fist by the terrorist group Hamas. They don't recognize Israel's right to exist and don't honor any current Israeli-Palestinian interim agreements. They are responsible for launching rockets into Israel and threaten the stability in the region. As Israel permits more and more goods to enter Gaza, Hamas has confiscated many products and slowed the free flow of goods because it reduces their profits from illegal tunnel trafficking from Egypt. The media unfortunately hasn't had the desire to report these events. They are too busy condemning Israel for not permitting more goods to cross into Gaza such as cement and steel that will be used by Hamas to restore their military capabilities and ready them for the next confrontation with their sworn enemy , the Jewish State.

     Now that the newly crowned revolution is happening in Egypt, top leaders in the movement that brought down Hosni Mubarak, are calling for the suspension of natural gas shipments to Israel which is a clause included in the peace agreement between the two countries. The Muslim Brotherhood which is poised to be a major player in the new government, has time and time again called for the suspension of this treaty. With more and more Egyptian troops entering the Sinai Peninsula to restore order, the situation can quickly get out of hand and Israel will be faced with a hostile presence once again on this southern border.

     We don't know what the outcome in Tunisia or Algeria will be. Yemen which is fighting Al-Quida insurgents is also very unstable, while the newly appointed Justice Minister in Jordan is calling for the release of the jailed murderer of 9 Beit Shemesh girls who were gunned down in 1997.

     Though Israel is not ruled by an Iron fist and their citizens from all backgrounds enjoy many freedoms , there are still many problems with their parliamentary system. They don't have a system in place where by their national elected officials are chosen directly by the people. Citizens can only vote for political parties and therefore unlike democracies in the US and Western Europe they lack the ability to remove elected officials from office as was just witnessed in the previous two elections in the US. This unfortunately leads to many corruption scandals . The elected officials' loyalties are to the political parties and not the voters they are supposed to represent.

     Thomas Friedman and Roger Cohen, voices for the notorious basher of the Jewish State, the soon to be defunct New York Times , are quick once again to take a swipe at Israeli leaders for not being supportive toward the revolution that is going on in Egypt. It must be easy for these elite Jewish journalists to sit in their comfortable ivory towers, while Israel with its tiny geographical size must look at all events especially drastic change in leadership and the effect on its' safety and security. This tiny country realizes that what excites others in far away lands does not necessarily mean more peace and security for its' citizens and the children of future generations.

A View from Jon's Place  2/17/2011

Monday, January 10, 2011

Right of Return

What exactly is this concept of right of return that the Palestinians keep referring to? Does anyone really expect us to believe that Israel is going to open up their borders and allow seven million so called Palestinian refugees, the number the Palestinian negotiators are using, and the current population of Israel including their Arab citizens, to relocate anywhere they wish within the pre 1967 borders of Israel? Why do the Palestinians need their own state if they want to move to Israel? Who is going to live in the new Palestinian homeland if they all move to Israel? According to these numbers there will only be approximately 1 and half million Palestinians living in the new Palestinian state and over seven million Arabs living within the pre 1967 borders of Israel. It should seem quite obvious to even the novice observer to the Middle East situation that these numbers don't add up.
     That's correct the numbers don't add up. Those of us who are of sound mind and body must come to the following conclusion the Palestinians don't want to live side by side with the Jewish state. They want all of current Israel as their new Palestinian homeland. We all have seen maps produced by the Palestinian Authority that depict Palestine as stretching from the Jordan River until the Mediterranean. There is no depiction of the state of Israel anywhere on the map. There is even a tourist advertisement in the British issue of National Geographic that invites people to visit Palestine. The ad depicts tThe ad depicts westward to the m of Return from the negotiations , there is no reason to try to move ahead on any other obsticulhe state of Palestine to includes the entire area from the Jordan River westward to the Medditeranean. Visit Hebron, Jericho and of course the Capital of Palestine, Jerusalem. Obviously they have different plans in mind for the future landscape of the Middle East, excluding the state of Israel.
     That brings us to The Israeli politicians and their unbelievable team of negotiators. Where did they get their training? They haven't got a clue. Who needs to discuss final borders, status of Jerusalem, security concerns and of course the biggest joke of all, "Right of Return". Why is opposition leader, Tizpi Livni , keep blaming Prime Minister Netanyahu and his coalition for the stalemate in the current negotiations? Wasn't she the head of the negotiating team for previous not yet convicted Prime Minister Olmert? Did they not offer the store including all of its contents to the Palestinans and was smacked right in the face with a response that Israel is not offering them enough? Why are members of the labor party who are currently in the coalition threatening to leave this month or next month or even in 4 months if there isn't any progress in the negotiations? Of course that's a joke because Barak the Defense Minister and current head of Labor knows all too well that he is in no position to walk away from his current portfolio as defense minister.
     The time has come to put together a new negotiating team that perhaps can be made up of a cross section of the population that has a better understanding of how negotiating works. Mainly, you give something and you get something in return. Or, you state your position and listen to the other side's position and you try to meet somewhere in between. This isn't Nuclear Physics or sending someone to mars this is basic negotiating 101. Leaving issues like the right of return for and the division of Jerusalem and final items on the agenda is absolutely ludicrous.  There shouldn't be any continued discussions with the Palestinians until the Israelis stand strong  once and for all, removing this nonsensical idea of the right of return from the final status arguments. We all realize that it is a non starter and should not be allowed to be used as a negotiating ploy. Who negotiates the fine print of any deal or transaction before the price is agreed upon? If Israel cannot remove the Right of Return from the negotiations, there is no reason to try to move ahead on any other obstacles that are sure to follow.
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Monday, December 6, 2010

Happy Chanukah

The holiday of Chanukah can only be celebrated in its fullest in the land where the miracle actually took place.  That of course is in the State of Israel.  As we all know that the calendar in Hebrew is different than the one followed in most of the rest of the world. Chanukah is celebrated the same time every year according to Hebrew calendar that being the 25th day of Kislav. Sometimes it can fall out the same time as  Christmas does, and sometimes like this year it can fall out at the beginning of December. That is when all the stress begins. Families who celebrate Chanukah in the US check their calendars to see if the 2 holidays overlap each other making it easier to plan vacations and family celebrations. Schools and businesses in the states schedule vacation time from the 25th of December thru January 1st. That’s all fine and good when Chanukah falls out in the same period, but what does one do when they don't? Inevitably,  Chanukah  usually  takes a back seat to the other holiday. Even Jewish Day schools find themselves yielding to the holiday week of December 25th through the first of January.

     In Israel that is not the case. The only stress experienced with the timing of the holiday is whether we can find the correct gifts that our children are hoping for. There are no date conflicts, only celebration scheduling conflicts. The local municipalities don't concern themselves , as in the US, with being politically correct as to how much they decorate their public areas. They don't have to divide space between the major holiday of Christmas ,  Chanukah,  and even the new kid on the block , that festive holiday of Kawanza (no, I can't explain exactly what holiday that is). In Israel the lamp posts are decorated only with menorahs and driedles , the Chanuka spinning top. They don't have to count and divide the number of decorations designated for each holiday. In the US  the holiday season is  turned into a legal battle between those who want religious symbols on public grounds and those who believe it to be a civil rights violation if one person out of a million is offended by any show of holiday expression. The term happy and merry is also a problem. The safest term for the season is just "happy Holidays" with the hopes of keeping the lawyers at bay so that everyone can celebrate in their own way.

     Chanukah in Israel is celebrated in a most enjoyable way. The secular and religious alike can enjoy the holiday without any conflict. People from all walks of life, all levels of observance and backgrounds gather around each of the eight nights, lighting the menorah, singing songs, eating potato pancakes and jelly donuts (representing the oil that the holiday is about), spending time with family and friends. They don't have to look over their shoulder to see if they are offending any of their neighbors. Each of the Eight days and nights is another opportunity for celebration. The lighting of the Menorah is meant to show off the miracle of the oil that lasted for eight days after the desecration of the holy temple. What a joy it is to see specially designed Menorahs displayed outside of people's homes for everyone to see and feel a sense of pride in this beautiful holiday tradition. We all know unfortunately this is not the case outside of Israel. In some countries there is even fear in displaying t he lights inside one's home let alone outside where the lights are truly a sight for all. Menorahs on display everywhere, candles flickering in the darkness of the night. As the holiday progresses there aren't any 50%off Christmas cards and decorations, but rather big discounts on menorahs and candles.

     This Chanukah in Israel has been a very difficult one as the State of Israel is experiencing their worst natural disaster in their modern history, the scorching of the Carmel Forrest.  Forty-one lives have been lost in this great tragedy but this great  tiny country(in land mass only) finds the place to both celebrate the Holiday while not forgetting those that have lost  love ones and the  many that have lost their homes and their livelihood. What a moving sight it was to see a member of a secular Kibbutz who was taking up shelter in another Kibbutz lighting the Chanukah Menorah and singing the blessings with other displaced members with a sense of pride and strength in the belief that they will rise above this difficult time in their lives and once again start over and rebuild and be able to celebrate the wonderful holiday of Chanukah with no one overlooking their shoulders whether it is politically correct or not.

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12/5/2010 Chanukah Samayach

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Are You Crazy

Who in their right mind could ever conceive of the Jewish holy city of Jerusalem being chopped up and splintered into sections, in order to appease the most violent and destructive people in the Middle East if not the world. One only has to wonder if this done out of the need to retool  Anti-Semitism  with the ever more popular politically correct display of attacking from all directions until Israel summits and commits national suicide.
When has there been a shared capital in world history. I personally don’t know of any in recent history. The fact that the division of Jerusalem is even on the table has been a major miscalculation by Israeli Governments both from the right and the left. Designating  Jerusalem  as a final status issue has only pushed Israel into a dangerous corner. They have given in on every  other red line and now they are faced with the possibly of losing control of the Holiest site in the world for the Jewish people, and endangering the entire Jewish nation.
The Israelis always showed mixed signals as to whether they truly wanted to control the united city of Jerusalem. The Temple Mount should never have been put under  foreign  Muslim  control. Why for so many years did the Government  of Israel  deny  the rights  of Jewish  People  from ascending to the holiest site on earth, the center of the Jewish spirit, the Temple  Mount  (Har Habayit.)
Only in recent years the Jewish Government of the state of Israel has allowed small Jewish groups to ascend the Temple Mount. They are forbidden from moving their lips as to not offend the Muslim  Rulers  of this holiest site for the Jewish People. Jews are escorted by Israeli Police and representatives of the Muslim Rulers. On many occasions Jews are forcefully removed because there was a possibility that a Jewish verse was being recited. Imagine that! A Jewish prayer uttered on the Temple Mount is not permitted by a Jewish Government of the Jewish state of Israel. Perhaps if the government would act as though we are a Jewish  Democracy  and allow for equal religious freedom between the Jews and the Muslims then other nations would recognize Israel as a Jewish state. By denying Jews their religious rights ,  Israel is presenting itself as  a nation that is not totally convinced that it is a Jewish State.
The Muslims on the other hand have much more access to the Temple Mount. They pray! They pray! They pray! And   they pray some more on the Jewish Temple Mount. They even managed to name a terrorist organization after one of the Mosques, “Al Askba Brigade. They are responsible for the slaughter of hundreds of Jews and the injuring of several thousand others in homicide bombing attacks across  Israel. How is this possible?
The time has arrived for the State of Israel, world Jewish Leaders, and Jewish people from around the world to take a stand. We must stand up to the unrelenting pressures that are being applied on our Jewish nation from our friends the US, the EU, and let’s face it the entire world. Jerusalem represents the heart and soul of the Jewish people. The temple Mount is the center of Jerusalem. How can our Jewish future survive if we cut out our heart and serve it up to our sworn enemies after waiting over 2000 years to have capital of the Jerusalem back in our hands. What are we  as Jews not standing  up and screaming “Never Again”. Never again divided Jerusalem, Never again having our heart ripped from our souls.
Jerusalem is what makes Israel the special place it truly is. Jerusalem is represented by the lion, a source of strength and protection. The united city of Jerusalem is the protector of Jews around the world.
As we are so tolerant of other religions in the region, the time has come for the other side to show some tolerance. Jewish people must have better access to the Temple Mount. We should not be treated as guests while the Muslims are free to pray , incite, throw stones, riot, and enjoy whatever other freedoms they have been granted by the tolerant and accepting Israeli government.
Don’t the Jews deserve religious in their own home land? Why are the Muslims permitted to pray more freely than the Jews? The Israeli government needs to stop begging the enemy to recognize Israel as a Jewish state. This must be demonstrated by facts on the ground. Nothing would designate Israel more as a Jewish state than large crowds of Jews ascending  up to the Temple Mount , Har Habayit, and showing the world where the heart and soul of the Jewish people resides.
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Wednesday, November 3, 2010


     After all the years of calling the "Right Wing" war mongers, murderers, nazis, occupiers and the likes,it seems to the wise that it's the radical left that is doing more to endanger our lives and destroy all that has been achieved in the free world and the great empire of the 20th century, The United States of America.

     Over the years while moral nations from around the world including Britain and the US were protecting Democracies or countries whose citizen choose not to live under Fascist or communist regimes. There have always been groups of Radical Left professors, media personal authors and far left politicians always there to throw up the opposition toward any war or military confrontations even if its for the benefit of the poor, persecuted, murdered, tortured and raped. It is true that there have been wars that weren't always conducted for the best of reasons with the best results due to miscalculations and bad inelegance reports. Almost all of the time military confrontations are chosen when there isn't any reasoning with enemy.

     During the "New Era" of military confrontation, we a facing world wide terrorism that can be activated from many different locations from around the world. The radical left including the president of the US believes that talking or begging or even groveling is the way to bring world peace and Kumbaya and all the utopian B. S.

     The far left has learned from radical Islam that "patience is a Virtue".The Islamists have been planning their assault across the European Continent for close to 2 generations, and the radical left has slowly moved their radical agenda slowly through society using our Democratic rights and freedoms to further their beliefs.

     The State of Israel is far from being immune to this phenomenon. The military has been fighting since the creation of the state in order to protect it's citizens. Surrounded by many Arab nations, they have been successful in protecting their borders and citizens. Now they are fighting the terrorist war that has replaced war between countries. The radical left within its borders have always sought to protect the terrorists and their families, while disregarding the fact that their support help breed the terrorists that kill Jews at any chance that they get.

     The radical left has chosen to join forces with the other radical groups in order to bring down the successful, the proud, the leaders, the defenders and of course let us not forget the Zionist Empire, and replace it with the radical, uncivilized, violent, murderers and rapists and terrorists that are threatening the world as we know it.
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election day 11/02/2010 #11

Monday, October 4, 2010

Gifts From Obama

   Why is president Obama offering gifts to Israel at this time in exchange for another one time only 60 day building freeze in Judea and Samaria? It is perhaps because Obama and the Democrats are looking at huge loses in the November mid term elections? Is Obama looking for some sort of victory in the arena of foreign policy focusing on the Middle East where he has failed time and time again?

   It seems that the only country that Obama can push around or at least try to is Israel. He has continually slammed Israel for building in Judea and Samaria and even posts 1967 Jerusalem and has called for a building freeze which he succeeded in securing from the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu. Netanyahu agreed to a 10 month building freeze in Judea and Samaria. It took 9 months of begging by the U.S. administration to get the Palestinians lead by Mr. Abbas and the Arab League to agree finally, to face to face negotiations with the Israelis. We are now learning that despite the proclamations from the happy smiling George Mitchell, that not much had been accomplished during their highly secretive meetings which are becoming less secretive now that they are on hold. Abbas only wanted to discuss final borders where Has Netanyahu was more interested in security arrangements.

   Obama now needs to save face therefore the pressure is on. First on Obama to show progress in the negotiations between Israel and Palestinians, on Israel to renew the building freeze so that the Palestinians who are being pressured by terrorist organizations such as Hamas, and their sponsors such countries like Syria and Iran won't walk away from the negotiating table.

   The only problem is that once again it will be Israel that will succumb to the pressure if they renew the construction freeze. What is Israel getting in return? Their citizens whom have already been left out of their homes, schools, Synagogues and community centers, are now staring out another possible building freeze. These citizens also include many who became refugees after physically being removed from there homes in Gaza to make room for a terrorist state known as Hamastan. Israel has yet to receive anything in return for their overtures toward Obama and the Palestinians. Of course they did receive massive shelling and rocket fire from Gaza as a thank you for evacuating the area, from those same terrorists who are strangling and oppressing the people of Gaza the Hamas regime.

   This time Obama is ready to deliver the goods. A promissory note, sort of, a letter of intent kind of, an understanding is exactly sure what exactly is being offered because of course everything is so secretive. Some of the points mentioned are as follows: An agreement between Obama and Israel that there will be Israeli troops stationed in the Jordan Valley. This is a very vague declaration. Does it mean that it is already assumed that Israel will give away the Jordan Valley a strategic area vital for the defense of Israel's citizens? Will they be stationed there by themselves or will they be part of a multi national force? Will they be able to operate freely or will they be handcuffed by other forces when they are fighting terrorists and forces trying to infiltrate Israel's new more dangerous borders? We now from experience that this is bound to happen. Confrontations have accord after every agreement with the Palestinians. And last but not least we all realize that there is no chance in h--l that Palestinian is ever going to agree to Israel stationing troops in the Jordan Valley as they have expressed that over and over again.

   There is also the commitment to veto any unilateral Palestinian initiative in the U.N. As America’s most important ally in the Middle East if not the world, it goes without saying that the U.S. should watch Israel’s back in the U.N. This just comes to show the lack of desire on the part of Obama to appreciate the special relationship between the U.S. and Israel and the little importance he feels in regard to being there for Israel in the cesspool and stench that is otherwise known as the U.N. Thanks for nothing Mr. Obama.

   There are also some promises of military superiority over the Arab states. This comes after a record arms agreement that was just concluded with the Saudi Arabians. There is also talk of“regional security architecture” between the Arab states and Israel, what ever that means. There has always been an understanding between Israel and the U.S. that the Americans would always maintain military superiority, nothing new there. And the chances of regional military cooperation with the Arab states are truly a non starter.

   When all is said and done, Obama is once again showing his true naivety in the sphere of foreign policy and his lack of leadership. Or is it just perhaps that his true colors and stripes are starting to become clear. He wants to appease the Arab world and bring them closer to the White House while pushing Israel further and further away.

   There are other more enticing promises that could be presented to Israel that could open some eyes, though there hardly a chance that they would be forthcoming. IRAN, IRAN, IRAN! It hasn’t been more than a couple of weeks that the president of Iran spoke at the U.N. about the need for Israel to be removed from the Middle East.  Iran is getting its nuclear arsenal ready for this very possibility. Where are Obama’s and the rest of the world’s concerns about that likelihood? Where are guarantees from Obama, if not to attack Iran, then providing the necessary military support to Israel so that they may protect themselves from being annihilated? Of course this is not on Obama’s agenda. Neither is reigning in the terrorist regime Hamas, whom surely by most accounts is far larger an impediment to peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians, than the building of a few houses so people can go on living their normal lives.

   Obama’s promises don’t bring anything new to the table that isn’t already understood by most American citizens that show their support and have a strong mutual bond with the only trustworthy and democratic country in the Middle East, Israel.

   Oh, and by the way Mr. Obama, good luck on the mid term elections; you are going to need it.

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Jon          10/05/2010   #10