Wednesday, November 3, 2010


     After all the years of calling the "Right Wing" war mongers, murderers, nazis, occupiers and the likes,it seems to the wise that it's the radical left that is doing more to endanger our lives and destroy all that has been achieved in the free world and the great empire of the 20th century, The United States of America.

     Over the years while moral nations from around the world including Britain and the US were protecting Democracies or countries whose citizen choose not to live under Fascist or communist regimes. There have always been groups of Radical Left professors, media personal authors and far left politicians always there to throw up the opposition toward any war or military confrontations even if its for the benefit of the poor, persecuted, murdered, tortured and raped. It is true that there have been wars that weren't always conducted for the best of reasons with the best results due to miscalculations and bad inelegance reports. Almost all of the time military confrontations are chosen when there isn't any reasoning with enemy.

     During the "New Era" of military confrontation, we a facing world wide terrorism that can be activated from many different locations from around the world. The radical left including the president of the US believes that talking or begging or even groveling is the way to bring world peace and Kumbaya and all the utopian B. S.

     The far left has learned from radical Islam that "patience is a Virtue".The Islamists have been planning their assault across the European Continent for close to 2 generations, and the radical left has slowly moved their radical agenda slowly through society using our Democratic rights and freedoms to further their beliefs.

     The State of Israel is far from being immune to this phenomenon. The military has been fighting since the creation of the state in order to protect it's citizens. Surrounded by many Arab nations, they have been successful in protecting their borders and citizens. Now they are fighting the terrorist war that has replaced war between countries. The radical left within its borders have always sought to protect the terrorists and their families, while disregarding the fact that their support help breed the terrorists that kill Jews at any chance that they get.

     The radical left has chosen to join forces with the other radical groups in order to bring down the successful, the proud, the leaders, the defenders and of course let us not forget the Zionist Empire, and replace it with the radical, uncivilized, violent, murderers and rapists and terrorists that are threatening the world as we know it.
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