Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Are You Crazy

Who in their right mind could ever conceive of the Jewish holy city of Jerusalem being chopped up and splintered into sections, in order to appease the most violent and destructive people in the Middle East if not the world. One only has to wonder if this done out of the need to retool  Anti-Semitism  with the ever more popular politically correct display of attacking from all directions until Israel summits and commits national suicide.
When has there been a shared capital in world history. I personally don’t know of any in recent history. The fact that the division of Jerusalem is even on the table has been a major miscalculation by Israeli Governments both from the right and the left. Designating  Jerusalem  as a final status issue has only pushed Israel into a dangerous corner. They have given in on every  other red line and now they are faced with the possibly of losing control of the Holiest site in the world for the Jewish people, and endangering the entire Jewish nation.
The Israelis always showed mixed signals as to whether they truly wanted to control the united city of Jerusalem. The Temple Mount should never have been put under  foreign  Muslim  control. Why for so many years did the Government  of Israel  deny  the rights  of Jewish  People  from ascending to the holiest site on earth, the center of the Jewish spirit, the Temple  Mount  (Har Habayit.)
Only in recent years the Jewish Government of the state of Israel has allowed small Jewish groups to ascend the Temple Mount. They are forbidden from moving their lips as to not offend the Muslim  Rulers  of this holiest site for the Jewish People. Jews are escorted by Israeli Police and representatives of the Muslim Rulers. On many occasions Jews are forcefully removed because there was a possibility that a Jewish verse was being recited. Imagine that! A Jewish prayer uttered on the Temple Mount is not permitted by a Jewish Government of the Jewish state of Israel. Perhaps if the government would act as though we are a Jewish  Democracy  and allow for equal religious freedom between the Jews and the Muslims then other nations would recognize Israel as a Jewish state. By denying Jews their religious rights ,  Israel is presenting itself as  a nation that is not totally convinced that it is a Jewish State.
The Muslims on the other hand have much more access to the Temple Mount. They pray! They pray! They pray! And   they pray some more on the Jewish Temple Mount. They even managed to name a terrorist organization after one of the Mosques, “Al Askba Brigade. They are responsible for the slaughter of hundreds of Jews and the injuring of several thousand others in homicide bombing attacks across  Israel. How is this possible?
The time has arrived for the State of Israel, world Jewish Leaders, and Jewish people from around the world to take a stand. We must stand up to the unrelenting pressures that are being applied on our Jewish nation from our friends the US, the EU, and let’s face it the entire world. Jerusalem represents the heart and soul of the Jewish people. The temple Mount is the center of Jerusalem. How can our Jewish future survive if we cut out our heart and serve it up to our sworn enemies after waiting over 2000 years to have capital of the Jerusalem back in our hands. What are we  as Jews not standing  up and screaming “Never Again”. Never again divided Jerusalem, Never again having our heart ripped from our souls.
Jerusalem is what makes Israel the special place it truly is. Jerusalem is represented by the lion, a source of strength and protection. The united city of Jerusalem is the protector of Jews around the world.
As we are so tolerant of other religions in the region, the time has come for the other side to show some tolerance. Jewish people must have better access to the Temple Mount. We should not be treated as guests while the Muslims are free to pray , incite, throw stones, riot, and enjoy whatever other freedoms they have been granted by the tolerant and accepting Israeli government.
Don’t the Jews deserve religious in their own home land? Why are the Muslims permitted to pray more freely than the Jews? The Israeli government needs to stop begging the enemy to recognize Israel as a Jewish state. This must be demonstrated by facts on the ground. Nothing would designate Israel more as a Jewish state than large crowds of Jews ascending  up to the Temple Mount , Har Habayit, and showing the world where the heart and soul of the Jewish people resides.
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Wednesday, November 3, 2010


     After all the years of calling the "Right Wing" war mongers, murderers, nazis, occupiers and the likes,it seems to the wise that it's the radical left that is doing more to endanger our lives and destroy all that has been achieved in the free world and the great empire of the 20th century, The United States of America.

     Over the years while moral nations from around the world including Britain and the US were protecting Democracies or countries whose citizen choose not to live under Fascist or communist regimes. There have always been groups of Radical Left professors, media personal authors and far left politicians always there to throw up the opposition toward any war or military confrontations even if its for the benefit of the poor, persecuted, murdered, tortured and raped. It is true that there have been wars that weren't always conducted for the best of reasons with the best results due to miscalculations and bad inelegance reports. Almost all of the time military confrontations are chosen when there isn't any reasoning with enemy.

     During the "New Era" of military confrontation, we a facing world wide terrorism that can be activated from many different locations from around the world. The radical left including the president of the US believes that talking or begging or even groveling is the way to bring world peace and Kumbaya and all the utopian B. S.

     The far left has learned from radical Islam that "patience is a Virtue".The Islamists have been planning their assault across the European Continent for close to 2 generations, and the radical left has slowly moved their radical agenda slowly through society using our Democratic rights and freedoms to further their beliefs.

     The State of Israel is far from being immune to this phenomenon. The military has been fighting since the creation of the state in order to protect it's citizens. Surrounded by many Arab nations, they have been successful in protecting their borders and citizens. Now they are fighting the terrorist war that has replaced war between countries. The radical left within its borders have always sought to protect the terrorists and their families, while disregarding the fact that their support help breed the terrorists that kill Jews at any chance that they get.

     The radical left has chosen to join forces with the other radical groups in order to bring down the successful, the proud, the leaders, the defenders and of course let us not forget the Zionist Empire, and replace it with the radical, uncivilized, violent, murderers and rapists and terrorists that are threatening the world as we know it.
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