Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Shocking news from the middle east

   There are 2 very shocking news articles that you won't hear from those who believe that the Palestinians truly ready for peace with Israel. One will understand after reading these two articles that there are great reservations about seeking peace with a group of people who don't have the ability to treat their own citizens with any regard to human rights or the pursuit of a normal way of life.
  The first article speaks about life in the Hamas controlled Gaza Strip. About 25 men entered the Crazy water Park, Yes a water park . It is amazing that such places exist for such a poor, neglected and besieged
people in a place like Gaza. It is an entertainment complex complete with restaurants banquet halls and meeting places. The popular attraction was set ablaze and 2 major buildings, a Bedouin tent , and 300 nargillas, (water pipes that were smuggled into Gaza for humanitarian purposes)were destroyed.

   Hamas the rulers of Gaza , shut down the complex  a couple of weeks earlier for a period of three weeks because they claim that the water park didn't have proper licensing. Around a month ago the place was raided and dozens of men and women were expelled from the premises because of all reasons they were sitting together during a break the fast meal during Ramadan. Hamas was also very upset because woman in that location were also spotted smoking nargillas which is against the law in the human rights stronghold of Hamas controlled Gaza. Also another restaurant ,Sama seaside resort was also shut down for the same reason. Believe it or not another restaurant in the Beach Hotel was also shut down and the Assel Horse Club was also closed for licensing issues. Seems to be a lot of restaurants and entertainment complexes in this area. It this the same Gaza that everyone is trying to rescue from their siege? Sounds like a nice place for a quick getaway if you can handle the fun loving guys from Hamas.

   It is time now to check in with the current peace seeking Palestinians of the PA. The statement reads "death penalty for land sales to Israelis. That's right you heard or read me correctly. "Death Sentence"!
Palestinian Prosecutor - General Ahmed al-Mughni appealed an earlier ruling that a land sale to an Israeli or a Jew was a minor offense. His appeal to a higher court stated that selling land to an Israeli is a major offense punishable by death. Is appeal was accepted. this appeal was a reminder to all Palestinians that sale of land to a Jew is Punishable by death. just think what kind of effect that will have on the property prices. Perhaps there will be a real estate bubble in those areas where Jews were buying up land owned by Palestinians. That may seem funny for a little bit but really these are th same Palestinians that Israel is holding secret negotiations with. (see previous blog).

  Now that we have covered some of the real stories about the peace loving people that are under siege and are being deprived by the Israelis of their basic human rights, it is time to realize that the world should start getting more informed about who is denying who their rights and what kind of people kill someone for a land sale. These are the facts .These are the same people that the world including Mr. Obama are asking Israel to give away large portions of their defensible borders and security rights all for the sake of a great acomplishment and White House lawn signings. The risks are all on Israel's shoulders and the lives of their citizens are always in danger even if they don't want to buy some Palestinian property or swim in a beautiful water park .

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