Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Time for our own boycott

Let's boycott all those great artists that feel the need to boycott Israel. Starting with Santana, Elvis Costello. He never should have used the king's name in vain.

Let's boycott Volvo ,Saab [may still be part of Ford Motor] , Ikea and Swedish Meatballs.

Let's boycott pistachio nuts , the really good ones. They come from Iran you know..Lets eat only California Pistachios even if they are not as good.

Let's boycott Israeli artists Amos Oz and David Grossman, Leaders of the boycott of Ariel theater because they don't like the part of Israel in which it is located.

Let's Boycott Pepsi Cola. They boycotted Israel for the longest time until the Arab boycott was lifted. Coke taste better anyway.

Let's boycott Palestinians because their Infamous leader Abbas loves to boycott Israeli products that come from parts of Israel that he thinks should be his.

Let's boycott "Sex In The City". It's a pretty good show but Cynthia Nixon supports the boycotters of the Ariel theater. She is the least appealing woman on the show anyway.

Here come the Sweedes again. Port workers refuse to unload Israeli ships. Why don't we just boycott everything Sweedish. There are so many Sweedish boycotts of Israel that it is easier to just burn the meatballs with furniture from Ikea and ship it to the ports of Sweeden where they won't unload it.

Let's boycott The South African Municipal Workers Union. Who cares about South Africa anyway.Let's not waste anytime with that country. Though I hear that it is quit beautiful but don't go out there at night if you wish to boycott another day.

Let's boycott The NorwegianTrade Union Federation. What is Norway famous for anyway? Kippers[small little fish] and of course that wonderful peace agreement called "The Oslo Accords", something they all can be proud of.

Let's boycott the Chilean Parliment for boycotting products from areas of Israel they do not approve of . Chile , What are they famous for? Some kind of seabass, I think.

Let's boycott Netura Karta They stand by the holocaust denier from Iran and love to burn Israeli flags and wave Palestinian ones.They probably smell so bad anyway since they don't bathe or change thier circus suits very often.

Let's boycott Desmond Tutu who supports grocery chain's boycott of Israeli products. It's good to know what Noble Peace prize winners do with thier time. Don't forget that Yaaser Arafat was a Noble Peace prize winner as well.

Let's boycott Proffesor Neve Gordon. He is employed by Ben Gurion University In Be'er Sheva and is paid with state funding. He calls for sanctions and divestment against the very hand that feeds him, Israel.Personally there weren't many proffessors that I liked in college anyway.Perhaps if the sanctions kick in Mr. Gordon can work in the gaza strip for one of Hamas' higher institutes for Islamic bomb and rocket developement.

Let's boycott Meg Ryan, Dustin Hoffman and the Dixie Chics or Pixie Sticks all who have signed on in support of an Israeli boycott. Who cares about them anyway.

There arer the bands,Klaxons and the Gorillaz Sound System. It is probably a priviige to be boycotted by bands with such names. They sound like they were mutated from a nuclear fall out from the old Soviet Union.

How about Naomi Klien. She is some kind of Canadian author. I don't know who she is but it is always correct to boycott jews who boycott Israel.

Last but not least let's boycott Turkey . Of course not those pretty birds that we love to devaour. It would be a much better Thanksgiving this year if would boycott turkeys and devaour Turkey instead.

View from Jon's Place #1 09/07/10

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  1. Like your blog - wishing you a shana tova! RK Mem.