Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Flotilla vs. The murders outside Hebron

As we all know the blood of Jewish people is definitely not as important as terrorists or those strongly affiliated with terorists.When a shipload of terrorists, disguised as human rights activist tries to break a wartime blockade against a sworn enemies of the state of Israel,then attacks, maims and attempts to murder Israeli soldiers , they are supported by the U.N. and most nations from around the world. When Israeli soldiers respond to the attacks in an act of self defense nine members of this terrorist group are killed. Shortly thereafter the countries of the world and the U.N. are quick to condemn Israel. Investigations are demanded special inquires are set up by the U.N.,Turkey conducts their own investigation, and even Israel that absolutely acted in self defense is also forced to conduct their own investigation.

last week there was a preplanned premeditated terrorist ambush of four Jewish people, including a pregnant woman, that were driving back to their home from Jerusalem. When their vehicle approached a road near Hebron, They were assassinated in cold blood by a group of terrorists that are still free and celebrating their accomplishment. Why were they murdered? What act did they commit that brought upon them such a brutal and savage attack by the terrorists? They were Jews and therefore they deserved to be killed.

Does anyone in their right mind believe that those on the ship who's sole intention was to cause harm to the Israeli soldiers with metal bars heavy bats ,swords and guns have more human rights than those of the four innocent Jews who were returning home from Jerusalem? Of course they don't. Where is the U.N.? where are all the countries of the world that was so quick to condemn Israel and demand answers? When videos of the attacks were broadcast around the world showing what had transpired, it was evident to all that this was not a human rights mission to Gaza but rather a preplanned attack against Israel.

One has no other choice but to realize that the spilling of Jewish blood is much more acceptable to the world community especially the U.N., than the lives of terrorist affiliated thugs. This is nothing new . Israel is always on the defensive when it is called upon itself to protect its citizens from harms way. There is no outrage or inquires or commissions or Goldstone reports when Jews and Israelis are murdered in cold blood. How many times has there been an investigation into numerous attacks against Israeli citizens and Jewish targets around the globe? I don't seem to remember any.

There were investigations against Israeli troops accused of a massacre in Jenin. Of course it was a false accusation. The shooting of the young boy in his fathers grasp in Gaza by Israeli soldiers during the second Intifada also proven to be a liable act of the french media. Where was the investigation when a baby girl was shot dead by sniper fire in Hebron? There wasn't any.Was the baby a threat to anyone? when rockets are fired from Gaza into the Southern cities of Israel on a regular basis even to this day are there any investigations? No of course not. When an Israeli officer is killed by a Lebanese Soldier while on Israel's side of the border without provocation there is no investigation.

Are we suppose to believe that Israel is just being paranoid that everyone is just picking on them, or are the double standards just blatantly obvious.We don't have any investigations into civilian deaths in Iraq or Afghanistan. It is just considered collateral damage during wartime while fighting ones enemies.The truth is Israel will never win the battle for the right to defend its citizens and country as long as there is a double standard when it comes to spilling of Jewish blood vs. that of anyone else.
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Shana tova,

Jon #2 09/08/10

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